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Gazah! 3/8/2002

means nothing. for those of you who were wondering.
it's 12:54 am, i'm working on homework, and i just finished the most kickass piece of spanish bullshit i've ever created in my 5 year career of spanish classes. There is none to beat this. (ok, bad choice of words - o well).

Math meet - we sucked. 29 points for the whole team - north got 28. and they have no seniors *sigh*. I've decided that i dont' even know why i try these things - they just make me feel stupid. then again, i do get the cool shirt. so, yeah. Cheerleaders go to comp. this weekend - grr, i hate work, i want to go, but i can't, because of work, it's crap. grr, i want to quit. follow kelly's example. I think kalynn should too - she gets so much crap from that place, and she can DO stuff now that cheerleading is over. i'll suggest it when i see her. speaking of which - i owe her my oracle report. Hmm....

called ~K~ and wished her good luck on voice mail - gonna do the same for kalynn. I don't know if i'm going to see them tomorrow. i think i may actually flunk english if i don't get my ass in gear. my group is gonna kill me this weekend when they find out tomorrow that i'm not going to be available until late sunday night *sigh*. i hate my job. yeah, that's aobut it for this short entry in my life - it's too late for deep thinking.

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