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Chris Schmidt

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blah 3/8/2002

What is this feel that i feel when you're near? Noclue.
But i thought i'd ask anyway.

So, wht'a up all you people out there in cyberspace? enjoying catching up on my o-so-scuky life currently? :) Physics time again, which means time to do n work, listen to music, and write in Because lord knows they won't let us get the paying one. Whatever.

I didn't see kalynn this morning, which means i'll probly drop my oracle report off at her house sometime this weekend - they don't get back til sunday, i don't think. I have to work tomorrow and the next day, which is going to piss the hell out of my lit circle group, since they are working together on sunday at noon.


nothing more to report - i'm bored as hell, and ready to get the hell out of this place. That's about all i gots to say. thanks for listening, fans out there in radioland.
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