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HAPPY PI DAY! 3/14/2002

It is Pi day, and in honor of that fact, I will be watching Pi this evening. Oh man, I was forced to miss the huge PI party at 1:59:26 PM today, celebrating 3.1415926.... pi to 7 decimal places. However, I did get an A on my govt presenation right around that time. Our powerpoint looked really good, and I feel that our group did a great job presenting. Steve's group sucked, but they had a lot of good info. ET/Wheeler got an A, and Medwick/Mahr got an A too i think. The presentations have been really good - then again, we started off with all the powerpoint (ie more prepared) ones. We'll see how it finishes off ;) Eagle shit is FINALLY DONE! I'm so happy. Right now, i have not a care in my life - not working this weekend, birthday is next tuesday, i'm not fighting with erin anymore, derek hasn't been starting shit online like he was for so long ;) Saw marion today (man is she cute, wish she didn't have that guy, and that she wasn't a sophmore). FPS meeting tomorrow to decide whether or not to do practice problem for state. I'm 99% sure we'll be going downstate - that problem felt really good to me. And teggemom wants us to go to internationals (ok, so they're in CT - it's still an international competition) so we're probly going to do the problem. I think it would be very cool to go to internationals - i think i could work on hannah to get her almost to a point where i could tolerate her by may ;) Lindsey boynton has turned into another erin huberty - she's being all flirty, but not flirty like she likes me (specially since she's going out with kaneland boy, snyder, kevin.) But flirty like a nice sister of the same age would be. I don't know how i like that at this point. I mean, i'm having fun with it... but then again, she's so cool to be around anyway. i hope i don't screw myself over or anything like i have so often in the past ;) I'm gonna start working on a lot of shit now that eagle is over - get started on the mud project, work on my web page, school web page, pulling a couple grades up from the c's they're at right now *gulp* etc. ANyway, this is becomign a prety long entry for me. So, I'll catch ya'll later- enjoy your PI DAY!

( edit, 10/19/02: This is the day I started talking to my now girlfriend. She left a comment on the entry: here. That is my only editorializing so far, hopefully i keep it down )

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