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Sadie Hawkins (2:28 am day after) 3/16/2002

Even though i had a pretty damn crappy dance, i had a pretty damn great evening. But... i should start at the beginning.
Woke up, school, FPS. I decided we're doing this PP - the others, who knwos. ;) We 'researched' in the library for 45 minutes. Took hannah home. Argued whether yates deserved death penalty - i say yes, she says no. I don't care how many messages god left on her answering machine - 5 people are dead because of her. Anyway, we discussed that and the random shit in my car until i dropped her off. Flipped over to 670 for U of I basketball on 5 minute ride home. Mom tried to call - her cell phone wasn't working, so that didn't work. I called her as soon as i got home - she didn't answer. 2x *sigh*. Anyway, I sat around killing time on the computer, downloading a fax recieving program, for mom. She called back later, i got the info she wanted. Sat around, killed time - started watching the matrix. Picked up tony, watched more matrix. Parents got home... talked to parents, cleaned my room while watching matrix. Finished watching matrix, ate dinner, talked to family about money from christmas, went to dance.

First - overview of outfit. Shirt = NSML Shirt: "Hey Baby, What's your Sine?" Pants = black fleece pants that are so comfy and i love. So, i show up to the dance, walk right in, and start dancing immediatly. Cool ya know, some peopel see me, say hi, etc. Then, after about 25 minutes, my knee starts hurting whenever I dance. So, I can't dance, without intense pain. I choose instead to just walk around forever. I wanted to dance - but the circle was too tight to get to anyone in the middle, i couldn't dance on the outside cause of the leg, and had no wish to leave yet. So, i stayed. I hung out, talked, tried to figure out what was wrong with my knee. Didn't work. I danced a couple more times, found mic y DZ, talked to them about going to jenny's after. Dance eventually ended, talked to DZ, mic about directions. Missed a tujrn going there, didn't go in the house though, figured out it was wrong, went back. Got there, walked in - said hi to everyone downstairs. about 20 people, tons of food, mostly just watching the patriot (good, long movie). At 12, a bunch of people left, and then at one another bunch did. We were left with jenny force, michaela Brandell, and molly sedarski and DZ and i (plus another girl i don't know the name of). All the girls were falling asleep (despite the fact they were sleeping over) So, danny and i watched the end - i got out of there, danny stayed for a little longer (no idea how long - he isn't online yet). Took a whole pizza, since she had extras, from jenny's house. I like hanging out with this group - it's the same no pressure thing, without worrying about the problems that i might have to help someone through in other circles. But, it was a great night overall. Tomorrow is movie night for the crew - i'm thinking i may try and gain entrance to that exclusive club as well ;) Anyway, i think my next entry (or an addition to this one) is going to be some sadies outfits i remember. so... yeah.

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