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things that suck/dont' suck 3/17/2002

Things that Suck
My mail thing being down for like 12 hours this morning - and 12 more tonight.

People who take me too seriously!

People who take me not seriously enough

People who get tired of my complaining

ACL's that don't like my style of dancing

People that i don't know insulting me for coming to sadies stag.

Knowing that there's girls you would love to go out with.... that are in serious relationships.

Being around those same girls

People who think i'm an asshole.

People who can't take a joke.

people who don't get my jokes (just about everyone, now a days)

People who don't like the matrix (SKUP!)

People who are fake IRL, and much better to talk to online

People who act all tough online, but wouldn't kill a fly in real life.

Frosh/Soph who won't leave me alone at dances.

Hot girls that i know i don't have a chance in hell of getting with

Idiots who drive drunk

Not being able to hang out with people because of scheduling differences.

Having to act different to different people to maintain an image (i do).

Not being able to see any more cheerleading competitions this year.

Lunar Eclipse Immortals.

Idiocy (*cough* AB *cough*)

People who talk behind my back. of course, i'm exempt from this rule ;) (ok, that one was just a joke)

people who criticize my social life because they know theirs sucks

Things that Don't Suck

Turning 18 in 2 days

Not working at all this weekend.

being on speaking terms (at least online) with martha

being on speaking terms (at least irl) with derek

movie nights with the crew

Physics AP when connell's out of town

Being on speaking terms with maggs again

Being friends with michaela and her group - i think this may be the beginning of a very good thing

Actually figuring out a little bit of my personality - which explains a lot of what i've been doing in my life lately.


A- on govt project

Feeling good about turning something in for english.


The Matrix - on DVD

Pi-on DVD


Being able to type through a sound cloaking device. ;)

The Fab 5 (earth fire wind water molasses... plus nevpup, TSJ, etc.)

Tinkerbell and SamPo - and their Barbara Bush stylings

Blair - and her emails ;)

Having 193 names on my buddy list

hearing stories about how my mom at one point had pot growing in her garden... on a military base. ;)

Eiffel 65

Maybe more later. that's not a very comprehensive list. But it's temporary, ok!? *grin* night all -crs

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