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Bart! it's 6am! 3/19/2002
That's right! hope you like your present!
"Lisa it's your birthday, god bless you this dayLisa it's your birthday, Happy Birthday Lisa
Lisa it's your birthday, Happy Birthday Lisa
I wish you love and goodwill
i wish you praise and joy
i wish you better than your heart desires
and your first kiss from a boy
Lisa it's your birthday, Happy Birthday Lisa
Lisa it's your birthday, Happy Birthday Lisa"

"Mom it's my birthday! Would you say!"


"Today is yoru birthday, happy birthday to you!
Today is yoru birthday, happy birthday to you!
Today is yoru birthday, happy birthday to you!
Today is yoru birthday, happy birthday to you!
Today is yoru birthday, you're gonna have a good time!
Today is yoru birthday, happy birthday to you!"


Today is Tuesday , March 19, 2002
Today is My Birthday!

That's right, today IS my birthday. It's been a long time coming, but i'm finally 18. Legal to do all sorts of stuff. So, i'll accept payment in form of check, money order, sex, etc. Anything works! Oh, and blair - thank you SO much for the movie. I fell asleep in the middle of it last night, but i'll finish it tonight! of course, WE still need to watch it before thursday. But that's chill ;)

Just a note to some of my friends:
Blair - you're the best. I can't believe you did that for me. And killed cynical chris! woo! he didn't even come out at 11pm last night!
GEM - The only redhead in the world who can make me grin so big. "we say Number, you say one. Number, ONE! Number, ONE! LOUDER ONE!LOUDER ONE!" Thanks for being there for me so much - and only 10 days left for you! Then you and i will BOTH be legal! ;)
Twin1 and Twin2- It's good to know i've got a twin guarding my back - and from you guys, i Usually get two. It's good to know you guys are there. Thanks!
Hubs - You were a major part in killing cynical chris. and for this, i thank you.
CH - You're the bomb-diggity kiddo. None better. EVER. I'll send you that poster link today - i completely forgot ;) Glad you got your computer back up - because you're a genius! Word to Barbara Bush!
SamPo - Short and sweet, that's what I call you ;) Hopefully we live through lawler's class - but if one of us has to go, i'll gladly take the fail ;)
The movie night crew (DZ, MB, JF, MS, etc. etc. etc.) - You guys rock. You turned what would have been the shittiest major dance night of my life into the best there has been. Thank you so much.
Jackie - The only one i know who lets me pull her springy hair ;) It may sound repetitive at this point - but hanging with you, talking to you, etc. has been great. You've given me a lot to think over, and a lot more to think with. It's been an awesome ride!
Liz, HNP, *Ara's - PIE! PIE PIE PIE PIE PIE! PIE! And it's my birthday ;) Thanks so much for the e-card - and for hanging out with me. Even though you may be frosh - it's chill. Our whole FPS Team is kicken this year, no matter HOW far we go. it's been one pretty f***in wild ride ;)

I know i forgot people. It doesn't bother me. if i didn't put you in there, you probly weren't important enough in the first place - and only about 4 people read this on a regular basis ;). So, it's my birthday baby! big 18! i gotta roll! time to jet to school.


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