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Morning everyone! 3/23/2002 (FOD Post)

Well, It's finally spring break. I ditched most of school yesterday ( went for the english presentation and to watch political ads in government). Hopefully everyone is doing ok, I'm not doing bad at all. I found a bunch of my cd's yesterday, including the Live cd i've been looking for for several weeks. It was in the stack i had taken to yearbook :) So, i recopied that. I also finished burning the fast and the furious dvd to VCD's yesterday. Um, cleaned up part of my room. Tony is gone to dc until wednesday now... Now if only dave and the parents were gone too :) Anyway, I don't have much to say yet, I haven't done anything important yet. Hopefully you are all doing ok.

OH! i forgot to mention, i have another small little site that i'm hosting from my machine: So, you can look there - not quite sure what i'm going to use it for yet, but probly something cool ;) Alright, that's it for now, i'll talk to you guys all later!

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