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3.26.02 1:33 AM

Very early morning it is. Saw Dragonfly last night. Very good. Saw it with KayK. I'm really starting to adore that girl. She's so cute... She's sweet, nice, smart, fun, funny... Like only a couple other people in the world, I feel like i can act like myself around her. And goddamn it, she's so cute! I would really love to ask her to prom. However, she's got this thing going with nick from colorado. *sigh*. I'm gonna work on it though. And hopefully we'll be able to head out to chicago on thursday. Other things of note: Blair's car is in trouble. and her MRI showed nothing, which is really bad, cause no one has a clue what she has now. Dale is being his normal self, insulting me about stuff on here *sigh*. The Packing Peanut Play of Phun is still being written. Ayla and i are talking again - it's rough. anyway. that's it. Night all.
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