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i actually have fans of my OD now? what's with that? :)
thanks for all the support guys, i really appreciate it. I haven't logged into OD since the 5th, when i last wrote. Just checked notes to see if anyhthing was happening, and i found out a bunch of people left them for me! In any case, I am now going to prom, so that's good.. I'm gonna do a quick repost from my blog here...

I'm going to prom. That's right, me, the most cynical person about prom that you've ever met, is going to prom. I finally got up some guts, since this is the last real weekend i've got and asked someone. I asked sarah(aka saah, owner of the death count). I was having a very hard time deciding between asking Saah and Zaa (Sarah and Liz). But i finally picked Sarah, just because I have been around her more. Also, Zaa said her parents would probly say no - Saah said the oppisite. So, I asked her. I put a poemon her doorstep, stapled to a dozen roses. Timing was pretty fucked up, but that's a story for another time. Anyway, she was out of the house at the time, and by the time i got home, she had already gotten them ;) She Said YES right away ;) So, I'm going to prom with a freshman, and i'm going to have a good time. I need to do so much stuff though. I only have 2 weeks, 5 days left. I'm so screwed :) And i gotta figure out a car from somewhere too... Anyway, that's my short story of the night. And now i head to bed. Later!

Ok, so that's my story. There will be more later, i'm just tired for once. and saah already went to sleep. So, I'm off. -crs

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