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5:53 AM 4/17/2002

So, I found out today that I'm going to have to attend a wedding on the same day as state. So, that means that I will probably be unable to attend. I feel like i'm really going to dissapoint my team. What's even worse is that I don't even really want to go - I like my cousin ok and everything, but I don't like weddings, and I 'm not really interested in attending one. Plus, I think I'd have more fun with my friends, doing my thing. Also, we got 2nd in state during regionals. If we do that well again, we could go to *gasp* internationals! And because of some stupid wedding, I have to miss that chance. In my opinion, that just sucks. So, i have to talk to tegge-mom about that today, see if we can work anything out, maybe i'd just leave, run the 3 hours up to the wedding, and come back. The biggest problem with that is that I would have to have someone come get me, since I can't drive myself to and from a school field-trip, ya know? And if i don't get to go - that's a whole weekend I could spend with some of my best friends, that I lose out on, over some stupid weekend. Saah, Zaa and (to a lesser extent) Haah are the closest thing I have to a clique at this point, and to miss out on an oppourtunity like that... well, it's just not a fun idea.
In other news, I failed a calc final yesterday *giggle*. Luckily, i really can fail (get an F) and still get a C for the semester, so i'm not really worried about it. Also, saah picked out a dress, it's apparently a light blue. They had to wait til kee saw it, but Kee saw a picture said it was ok, so everything is ok. I need to work on all my schtuff though... I'm not liking this whole preperation thing. I like homecoming - show up in a Van, wear my old suit, and dance the night away, with the girls having planned everything ;) Anyway, I should go get ready for school - gotta catch up on everything I missed yesterday. And I have to do King Lear stuff tonight - we present tomorrow. (no big deal, our group is cool). So, I'll probly write more this afternoon - IM me, email me, whatever if you want to know anything. Links are at the top of the page. -crs

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