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Back? 6/25/2002 (from FreeOpendiary)

It could be. I've decided that leaving my diary on my sytes page isn't going to work, since I can't have my computer on all the time anymore. So, back to Opendiary! ah, the slow load times, the huge number of ads... i missed you! ;)
Anyway, a million and one things have happened since i wrote, and i'm not going to try to recount them all. Some Highlights:

Prom Kicked Ass. Period.
I can't star in the movie "Never been kissed" anymore, since i have been now.
Oh, yeah, sarah and i have been going out for two months as of friday.
I worked at swedish days for 3 weeks and made almost 850 bucks.
I'm working at the east side jewel as a bagger - far from home, close to sarah. 6.40 an hour minus union dues and taxes makes it about 5 bucks an hour. fun.
I leave for college in 60 days.

And now the biggy -

I'm in love.

I know that sounds stupid coming from me. A teenager. with no previous relationship experience. when the girl is 15, and i'm 18. when i'm gonna be a frosh in college, and she's going to be a soph in high school. But i really think... strike that. i really KNOW i am. Criticize all you want, but i think this might be THE ONE. it scares the crap out of me... but it feels "so right" (as DMB might say).

Maybe more details some other time - it's time for bed.

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