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Packing For College 6/27/2002 (from FreeOpendiary)

That's my current job. and it's hard as hell. how do i pick what i want to take with me? what pictures, what memories i want to bring with me to my months away from home? do i bring pictures of the girlfriend i'll never see? the friends i'll never talk to? the people who represent the past that i hate? how do i deocrate my room? do i stay the same as i am now, or do i try and go rockstar or something? do i buy wallcoverings beyond belief? or do i just look at what i've got first? do i bring framed pictures i have? my memories from long ago? or not, since i can't even hang them?
what clothes do i bring? do i wear my old high school t-shirts? "Class of 2002 - Seniors!" "Pick up the Pride, Pick up the Trash!" "Well, my mom says i'm cool..." Or do i go totally new? do i buy everything? pants? shorts? jeans? khaki's? Do i change the way i look, or stay the same? how do i know what i want to wear at a place i've never been, a place i'm scared to go, sharing a room with a person i've never met and know nothing about...

i just don't want to screw up again. i've done it before (hello, high school). and i don't want to do it again. period.

and that's the end of my boring, depressing entry. yours truly

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