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College 6/30/2002 (from FreeOpendiary)


So, after work at jewel (3-9) i went over to sarah's for the last time i'll see her until at least tuesday, probably wednesday, depending on how late i get home. We watched crazy/beautiful. Surprisingly enough, her dad (the sci-fi/war movie buff) stayed through the whole thing. He complained about predicitility, but sadi that since we were stealing his DVD player (were not! I said very clearly we could watch something else!) he had to stay. ;) Anyway, we watched the movie, which ended at 10:40, very good timing i thought, plenty of time for me to get out and him to get to bed not too much later than usual... but then, i bring up the fact that i won't be there on monday is because i'm going to be at orientation picking classes. and i mention how i can't decide on an elective.

clif: Well, what do you have to choose from?
Me: *hands book to him of all courses*
Clif: Oo! a college course book! i can pretend i went to a real college and look at it!

He then proceeds to flip through the entire book and read class names and descriptions which sound amusing. Queer studies. Orientation to soils. etc. When he's done, he looks at my programs book, which tells him i need an application sequence of 12 course hours in one comp sci related field outside comp sci. Looking back over what he mentioned, i decide that astronomy might be a good idea. So, i think that i may end up taking 12 course hours in astronomy as my app sequence, including an independant study: General Astronomy(3 hrs), ET Life (3hrs), Introductino to Cosmology(3hrs), and Ind. Study (1-4 hrs). There's also more classes i could take. The one major thing that i need to figure out is what to replace the classes i've passed out of with. I've gotten out of 2 of the classes i'm supposed to be taking first semester. Do i just move on to the next step in the sequence? IE do i replace math 120 (calc and analytical geometry) with math 242/243/245 (whichever one they put me in, since i also passed out of 130.)? Or do i take some kind of extra elective? I dont' really know. HOpefully when i get there the counselor people will be better than those at STC and will be able to help me decide things like that.

Speaking of sarah... I'm not sure if i mentioned it here (in fact, i'm pretty sure i didn't) but last night, i got in a huge discussion over whether i really want to make her go through a long distance relationship. I said that i was worried i needed HER, rather than to be WITH her. Well, for those of you who may or may not have worried, worry no more! After spending tonight being much more subtle, just watching a movie together, my faith in why i have this relationship is restored. It isn't because i want her, physically. It's cause i wnat to be with her, to peacefully coexist as chrisarah. ;) So, I think that's going to be better. Sarahs' a big girl too, she can take care of herself. and she will. she always has.

In other words - things are good. work isn't fun, trying to decide classes for my future is stressful...

but things are good. On that high note (the highest in a while!), good night, all.

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