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Weekend (from FreeOpendiary)

Friday - argue with sarah, kind of makeup with sarah, go to cwian's, unload hay, get totally torn up by hay. go home, shower, go to sycamore speedway with sarah, come home, drop sarah off, finish making up with sarah... go home. sleep.
Saturday - clean house, bum around til 2. drop off tape at tara's house, go to sarah's. be introduced to family, then hide in corner and don't say much of anything. Go to cougars game at 5, go to sarah's after game, stay in her room talking to katie and melissa and sarah until 2am or so. (i think?) go home.

Sunday - Wake up around 9, get ready to go to relatives house in gurnee. bum around all day there, meet some people i don't remember, play mlb slugfest on a BIG screen TV, leave around 7, get home around 9, figure out that my computer is dead in the water cause the restore disk doesn't restore... get online on other computer, tlak to sarah and work out GA, go back to working on computer, get back online around 10:45, talk to sarah til midnight, fall asleep.

Monday - Wake up at 6 when dad comes in to close windows, can't get back to sleep. Get up around 7:30, eat some food (granola bars), go to sarah's at 8:30 pick her up and go to great america. meet sarah's family an hour after we get there, spend all day (10-10) in the park, ride a couple rides at night, feel bad for sarah cause she's sunburned and tired, take sarah and melissa home (didn't even get lost!) go home, get on computer for less than 10 minutes, fall into bed.

My weekend. hooray.


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