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This is how we do it...
It's friday night and i feel all right...
the party is here on the west side.
So i reach for my 40 and i turn it up.
designated driver takes the keys to my truck.
hit the shore cause i'm jaded, honey's in the street sayin monty yo we made it.


I used to love that song. I would sing it every Friday on the bus on the way home from high school... I never partied much (read: at all) in high school, and that hasn't changed here.

It is Friday night, 10pm... and i'm looking at 2 options.

I haven't decided which I'm going to do yet. I will soon.

I miss Sarah.

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You sound a little mopey... and I can relate, not to being mopey, but that you didn't party much in high school. I never liked the parties. The last one I went to I spent the whole time beating stoned kids at chess. I had played chess all of 3 times before that night yet I won everytime. So what? Shooting fish in a barrel can be just a little bit fun at times. College is much better, less crap to deal with in general. Loverly backgrounds and such I loved Moulin Rouge (I don't spell french well) I saw it 4 times in the theaters and own it on DVD now. It makes you want to fall in love. ;) Moives like that are kinda hard to find now a days. Who is Sarah?

~*The Spooky Pangolin*~

Re: Lurking and Reading

I was mopey that night. My girlfriend and I were at a bit of an impasse (which has as of now been resolved... actually, it's why i'm glad i stayed in, and stayed up). I doubt I could beat even stoned kids at chess though - i'm just not good at that game. I love moulin rouge - hell, I programmed my bot so that you can sing "Come What May" or "Your Song" with it. (and you spelled it right).

Sarah is my girlfriend. "Pretty Pretty girl, lovely lovely girl oh, spin my world around, got my world turnin..." We've been dating for 6 months as of next monday. She's still in high school, so I don't get to see her more of tne than every three weeks *shrug*. So i miss her.

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