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Support is getting kind of fun. I've been hanging out in the support IRC channel, and i'm getting to know some of the people in there. And I've gotten 5 support poitns too! All the support people say that it takes a couple weeks to get any support points. And I haven't even had my LJ a week, much less been doing support that long. :) Also, the people are being really cool, although they are kind of anal about grammar. ;)
Oh, and i just superglued my headphones back, and they are together again! broke em on tuesday when sarah and tara were over, one of us must have stepped on them at some point. Yeah.
Leaving for vaccation tomorrow afternoon - 8 days with sarah! Unfortunatly, it's also 8 days with family. *sigh* oh well, hopefully there will be lots of romantic walks in the woods which turn in to huge makeout sessions.
hmmm, should this entry really be public? ;)
will write more about yesterday after work.

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