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New layout. Stole, edited, and fixed the layout of nae_trews. Thank you!

(edit: I think I have everything done now. Colors, userpic, times, links, skiplinks, comment links, userinfo links, calander links... yeah, i think i got it all)
(edit 2: I updated the username i stole it from to be correct ;) So you can see that i actually changed a fair amount as well)

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hee hee

lovin'. hee hee hee
*convulses with giggles*
chris is cool :)

You're a horrible romantic. :P

I just watched that a couple nights ago. Weird.

Weird that you just watched it and I posted it? or weird movie? :) My mom hated it, as did Sarah's parents, mostly because they heard all the songs they knew being ripped to pieces. I love it, as do many other teenage sappy romantics. It's the movie that started my relationship with Sarah, so it will always hold a special place in my heart. I have a poster of it hanging right behind me ;)

Well, actually both, now that you mention it. The weirdest part is you're the second person to mention it since I saw it. I'd watched it before and liked it a lot, but the second time I wasn't quite as impressed. There were a few moments when it just seemed ridiculous (e.g., "Like a Virgin"), but overall it's still a good film and I liked how they handled most of the songs. The cinematography is just fantastic, too. So much color!

I love the color. It's amazing what they do... and if you watch the DVD extras, you can see how little they do it with. A lot of the scenes look like a packed dance floor unless you pay very close attention - but really, there are only 10-20 people out on the floor.

"Like a virgin" has always bothered me. For more reasons than one. For example, zidler being dressed up as female bothers me. And there are a few incongruities - when satine falls the first time, chocolat ends up right below her, when 2 seconds before (quite literally) he is not there. Actually, the whole cast setup below her changes in those 2 seconds. But I can usually suspend my disbelief. I've watched it a lot of times, just like Lord of the Rings (my previous layout) and i still love it ;)

Ooh, I haven't really paid enough attention to notice any continuity errors, I'll have to watch closer next time.

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