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Once again, i've found out how much of a fool i am.
During my quest for a prom date, sarah was my confidant. And throughout the whole thing i woudl tell her things like who i was gonig to ask next, and in the back of my list i kept three froshies. liz, sarah, tara. in that order. By some freak chance ( don't even ask me, i don't know) i ended up skipping #1.
I find out today that throughout the entire process... sarah liked me. The girl liked me! and didn't say a word! while i was describing to her all the other people i was going to ask that weren't her!
JZapper51: But I definitely didn't like you waaaay back then.
JZapper51: not until, like, march. ^^
ChrisRS84: ...
ChrisRS84: did you like me in march?
JZapper51: *looks around*
ChrisRS84: or did you just KNOW me in march?
JZapper51: ^^
ChrisRS84: are you kidding me?
JZapper51: Nope.

Tara and katie knew (although sarah wouldn't admit it). How come i never know these things? *chuckles* Oh well, it worked out okay. But... i'm beginning to wonder exaclty what i said... maybe i should look back at our ims...
ah man, this girl had me tricked. ;)

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