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The Dress

About Sarah's dress:
jessicacmalfoy: Oh my god....That's....beyond pretty.
SexyTiki8: pretty dress
ifyoubelieve6: she looks beautiful Chris
cuddlemonkey121 (8:12:46 PM): *GASP* SARAH!! your dress is so beautiful! and it looks so great on you too! i am totally jealous now, look at the little green eyed monster scamper
BabyBlue32: aww its gorgeous!!!
mic2002: wow that is very classy
mic2002: I love the dress
Maggs1559: yeah i like it!
EvilCarrotCHOMP: Oh she looks like a warm hearted and kind person. Definately someone I'd imagine you to be with.
Dreamer645: Wow.
Dreamer645: That's so pretty!
TayngoMaureen: oh pretty!
littlestphil: awwww :-)
littlestphil: how pretty:-)
Bizofme: Aw! *squees*
Bizofme: Sarah-chan is so pretty!
joanna4136: i want a dress like that!

What do YOU think?

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