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(no subject)
Can someone remind me on midterms in the future to flip through ALL the pages? Skipping the last page lost me 2 letter grades on my math midterm. Down to a 61%. A 61%. I think that's the lowest grade I've ever gotten in my schooling career. Now will you people believe me when I say I'm failing?


What a load of bullcrap. Makes me so upset. Especially since I did fairly well other than that - and i KNEW how to do the last 2 problems! But, rather then the low B which i so rightly deserved, I got a D. A D! *sigh*

I quit.

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*cuddles more*
A D isn't failing. ^^ You'll get through it. I'd offer to help....but I a) suck at helping people and b) can't do college work.

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