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So, you want to know how prom was, huh? Well, stick your busybody little nose elsewhere! humph. Some people. invading my private life like that.
Wait a sec, who am i kidding? I tell everyone EVERYTHING! *sigh* i think i'm just overtired. ;)
So, all day friday i spent cleaning my car, getting flowers, etc. together. I felt thoroughly unprepared the entire time, but i still spent all day on it. Was supposed to go to sarah's a 5pm for pictures. at 4:00 i was printing up maps, 4:15 showered, 4:30 got dressed, 4:45 took a couple pictures at my house, then left. we were kind of late getting to sarah's. Realized i forgot the corsage, had to have mom go back for it (i KNEW i was gonna forget something.) Took a bunch of pictures, got in the car, drove away. got to maggianos with no mishaps, perfect directions, perfect timing, only 10 minutes after reservatino time. Sat down, did dinner (speghetti for her, mosticholi for me). Got out of there around 7:30ish? Got in the car, and the fun began ;). I'm really bad at reading street signs at a distance, so i am not good at following directions/maps. So, missed a turn onto 64, had to turn around and get back. Then, when we were within a mile of indian lakes, the map/directinos i had dumped me in the middle of "Indian Lakes" subdivision... with nothing more ;) So, had to look at the map to try and figure it out. Got there eventually around 8:30ish, not late at all. Got a good parking spot, someone was pulling out. walked up to the dance, went in, got pictures taken (which i think will turn out well, maybe even better than my hc ones). We saw a bunch of my "friends" while in line. After that, we headed for the dance floor, but decided we both needed to hit the bathroom first ;) Anyway, did that, came back, started dancing. Interesting, because sarah has never been to a high school dance before. kind of clumsy to start, but ended up AMAZING by the end. She could out dance me ;) Of course, my breakdancing style is still superiour, but she became a very good dancer. Anyway, the music quality was pretty crappy, but the music choices were pretty good... After about 5-6 songs, we had seen a fair number of people, and was the first slow song we were dancing to... And then, the "first kiss." I think she kind of tried to start it, and i was being the dumbass me and missed my cue, but caught up with her, and it just kind of... happened. After that, this night officially became "the best night of my life". Danced so much with her, and saw so many of my friends all dressed up. the night went by way too fast. Last song was "this years love" (the theme song) - one which i enjoyed immensly. Just being there with Sarah was incredible, and everything just went so well. We went back to my car, i noticed a puddle under it when we pulled out, ignored it, and we drove home. No mishaps coming home, did fine reversing the directions. Sarah leaned against me the whole way home... so nice... Got back to her house, talked to her parents while she made herself back into normal sarah from formal sarah ;) Went over to my house and changed, and went to post-prom. Didnt' really do much there - Sarah learned blackjack, lost our chips in that... i did the obstcale course once... then we just kind of sat around. Wasn't horrible, we were both just exhausted. school looked pretty good, although not as good as junior year, imho. No huge fiasco about post-prom car like last time... Went and took sarah home, headed home, got in around 3:30, got out of my stuff, wrote the entry below this one, and slept.
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