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friday night, went over to sarah's house at 9, watched the matrix, left there around 11:30... got back home, finished my phsyics project, went to bed around ... 12:30? 1? ish. saturday - up at 8, eat breakfast, do an hour of yardwork. work on physics project with rest of the group. go out, do another 4.5 hours of yardwork. get cleaned up, go to family dinner thing. go over to sarah's, watch blues brothers and trekkies get home around 12 well, 12:15, left her house at 12 hang out online for an hour or so bed at 1ish sunday, up for church at 7:15, church at 7:30, home, start yardwork at 8:30 (short mass), work for an hour, breakfast, 2 hours, lunch, 2 hours. then go over to sarah's, watch "The Right Stuff" go to dinner at my aunt's house. come home, hang out online, go to bed at 10:30 this morning, up at 7, out working on painting the deck for 2 hours get cleaned up. go to parade. pick up sarah. drive to great america. spend all day there (12-8) come home.

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