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tweet history
My 2007-2009 tweets are a lot more true to life today than I would have expected a decade. Some things have changed (I no longer think I should go to Burning Man); but many things have stayed the same.

- I still work on open source code.
- I still get upset about the people who treat me as their personal work mule because I try to be supportive/helpful.
- I still sometimes take efforts to step away from the computer, and pride myself on short term goals like "not using it for 24 hours".
- I still freak out and change plans at the last minute when anything gets in my way.
- I still feel bad about going to the fireworks on my own, even though Jess hates crowds and loud noises.

It's interesting to see the things that stay the same, nearly a decade on.

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We went to fireworks together last year, remember? It was fine. I hate long-term crowds, like hanging out with the Acetarium all day, bored and restless and unable to leave easily and you throwing a sulking tantrum whenever I ask if we can take a break.

Now roller coasters are not something I plan to change whether I hate.

I love looking at old LJ and Twitter posts and seeing how I've grown and stayed the same.

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