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It is rare that our house is actually quiet when I'm home. (Well, super rare, I guess: our fridge is pretty noisy.) But even if you discount that, it's very rare that I have much in the way of alone time when nothing else is going on.

Living in such a small apartment with 3 other people -- even people who are relatively self-supporting -- just leaves so little psychic space for anything else.

I dream of an office for myself; a small studio for photography and video; a sunroom of some kind; I dream of large bathrooms, I dream of high ceilings.

It's not what I get, but maybe someday.

Until then, I just sometimes sit back and just enjoy the quiet times. Like now.

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It is possible to get such a place, the hard part is finding one where it's both affordable and also near suitable employment.

Do you have a basement? A place you could set up a desk near the laundry or something?

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