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feeling emo
I'm feeling more than a bit out of sorts; I've been failing to achieve much recently, it feels like, so I'm down on myself as a result. There are a lot of things that I want to accomplish, and I"m not accomplishing them. In some cases, this means that they're not actually happening; in others, it means that *other* people are doing them -- and if there's one thing I like less than not getting around to something, it's other people getting around to it in a different way that pisses me off. :p

Holiday party at Google was fine, but frankly, I don't think I'll go in the future; the office is just too big to make it fun for me. It's impossible to find most of the people you want to see.

I put together a list of the games that I have played on my newish YouTube channel so far:

Game List

There's a bunch of them.

(I'm still sort of thinking what I want as a web presence other than the YT channel itself.)

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You're definitely mopey lately. I'm not entirely certain why. I'm having a hard time too, which of course does not help, but you're way over the edge in mopiness.

I think your tendency to stay home until I woke up was a bad thing, though. It meant that you often missed breakfast in the office and quite possibly put you off-kilter in the longer run. I think you are no lark — you like your sleep — but you like feeling behind and out of it a lot less.

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