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My Weekend

Well, you guys are all in for a very special treat today. You get to hear about me and my escapades on the rocks at Jackson Falls, IL this past weekend. Other stuff has happened since then, but I'm not really of a mind to write about it.

On Friday afternoon, my last class of the day is chemistry. This class ends at 3pm, after which I am free to do what I want. On this specific day, I was preparing to go camping. When I went hom the weekend before, I had brought back with me a backpack, a sleeping bag, and a tent, for camping gear. I had gone to Meijer the previous day shopping for food - things like cup of soup, a water bladder, little things I didn't have that I needed. After Chem, I came home, filled the water bottle, and packed all my stuff up. I had clothes, food, shelter, and water for the weekend - pretty much everything somebody needs. I had a cup, and a spoon, some oatmeal, powerbars, granola bars... I was set. at 4:45, i headed out to the front porch of Allen Hall. Here I waited (hardly any time at all) for Kevin Brown, who was to give me a ride to Jackson Falls, after meeting up with the rest of the climbing club. He arrived at 4:50, and we headed over to pick up our fourth person (andrew had already been picked up from the six pack) - Jordie, a canadian Grad student in biology of some sort. After we got all 4 people in the car, with some rearrangement of gear, we were off to Vertical Plains, to assemble for the caravan ride down. Here we discovered that the volvo we were riding in was riding dangerously low on its shocks with 4 people and a fully loaded trunk. We also discovered that 2 guys who had been planning on driving alone had instead driven their conversion van - 2 people, with 6 seats. After much deliberation and consideration, it was decided that the foursome in the volvo would join Josef and his companion in the conversion van rather than take the volvo. After sitting around for about 15 minutes, everyone showed up, and we were ready to head out... almost. First, there was a gas stop - the longest gas stop ever. somewhere between 30 and 45 minutes were spent on the refueling process. After that, we were finally on the road to Jackson Falls... My first climbing experience in several years, and the first of it's kind... Devil's Lake rock climbing is much different. But that can come more later.


We drove for 3 to 3.5 hours. We finally arrived near the campground (which is about 30 miles from the nearest anything). The path in is a dark, treacherous, foggy, gravel/dirt road. Josef liked to drive at about 30 around small corners on something one lane wide. Scared the crap out of me. Anyway, we eventually got into our site, finding peopel from our crew already there. There was fire, and there were people, and we all set up tents. Jordie and I shared tent space. It was like a hobo town... everyone living in 2 person backpacking tents. I sat around the fire for a while, and started talking to a couple girls who were first time climbers. Laura and Lindsey are freshman in LAS who hooked up with John, and thought it would be fun to come climb. Anyway, there was a lot of sitting around (and not much else) the first night. People made dinner (i ate before i left) and stuff like that. Very fun to be 7 hours from parents, with a bunch of college kids who i had never met before, sitting, doing whatever I wanted with no one to tell me otherwise. The plan was to wake up around 7:30, so we all went to bed around midnight, as the fire died down.

And damn, this entry is taking way too long. i think i've been working on it for a good 45 minutes. so, i'm going to eat lunch, come back, and do something - either write this, or work on cs homework like a good boy.


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