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Saw ET again!
Derek is out of town until saturday, so i took the oppourtunity to catch up with Erin. Went to starbucks around 8:15, got a venti carmel apple cider and a lemon square. Talked to erin until they told us they were about to close (9pm). Walked down to pottawattamie, sat there for another 2.5 hours until they kicked us out at 11:45, then sat on the benches by the police station until 12:15, when we decided any more time out would cause our parents to kill us. It was so nice to just sit and spend time with her. I can't believe I haven't seen her outside of school since her and derek started going out, since the 18th of january. It was so wonderful just to sit out there with her... someone who drove herself, someone who wasn't going to get in trouble if i didn't take her home, and someone who I knew i wasn't going to fight with. It really is nice to hang out with seniors every now and again.
Maybe i'll write more, but right now i need to finish up mom's birthday present. maybe more later.

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