Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

mountains again, gandalf; *mountains*

This weekend, Jess and I went to the Mount Washington Hotel and Resort. Specifically, we stayed in the Bretton Arms. It was a nice chance for me to get away from work, something I desperately needed to do after a long couple weeks of stress.

- The area of the White Mountains Resort is still gorgeous. The view off the back veranda of the main hotel is something I could just sit and enjoy every afternoon for a week, and still be happy.
- Despite this, I am glad that I live in the city. When I first moved to NH, I found the remoteness of the White Mountains to be relaxing. These days, I do not feel the same way; it feels strange to me to be so far out of the way of things.
- A decade ago, I wanted to climb all the trails, drive the winding mountain roads, etc. Now, I just want to sit, have a beer, and enjoy the view.
- For a resort in the White Mountains, they have way too few White beer options.

It was so nice to get away. Of course, this week is already shaping up to be hell on wheels to make up for it, but so it goes.

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