Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Oops i didn't post for a week.

Things that are -- or have been -- on my mind:

  • Attempting to make myself seem sufficiently palatable as a higher-level employee on paper that I can get promoted.

  • Deciding who is the next winner of the Awesome Cup, and writing a reasonable valedictory speech to pass it on to the next winner. (Made more difficult by my distance from many of the awesome things that happen in YouTube.)

  • YouTube Gaming launch was last Wednesday. I've done a lot of participation in reddit threads since then. In particular, one of my recent threads made best of reddit, where it got 400+ upvotes; my comment got 190+ upvotes; and my internal re-post to G+ got 120 +1s. Overall, it's probably one of my more popular/widely read pieces of writing since I started at Google, if I were to guess. (The post is at available here.)

  • Sleep schedule being all screwed up.

  • Forgetting to post this entry for like 24 hours.


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