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I think it's time to go to iOS
What are the reasons that I should get a different iPhone than an iPhone 5C?

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Price? E loves his Cricket phone (Android). If you aren't wedded to the iPhone app monopoly, we've been very happy with our Android phones. (And we are dedicated Mac users for computers, apart from tester machines.)

Chris is getting desperate to ditch Android, from what I understand.

Ah, but an Android phone is not "a different iPhone" :)

Android is dead to me at this point. Partially this is my fault for working at Google: I want to use my Google account on my phone so I can receive IMs from my coworkers, or calendar reminders, but in order to do that, I run the latest (buggy) versions of all of the Android software, and I'm tired of it.

But Android's "We have 3 messaging apps!" "Integration except we can't figure out how to do it!" etc. really bug me.

I'll miss some things, I'm sure, but I've avoided the iLine of products for the past 8 years, it's time to give it a shot.

Are Google employees allowed a non-Android phone?

Yep. When I started, it was kind of a niche thing, but these days, it seems like about 10% of people are running iOS. Partially this is because Google pretty-much forces in-development software on anyone who uses an Android phone as a work phone, while iOS is typically running the stable version of software unless you explicitly opt in.

In-development (for Googlers) versions of the YouTube stuff are now released at the same time for Android and iOS, so the gap between where things used to be and where they are now has narrowed.

iOS is, for the most part, a first class citizen in how Google releases software; it's not always on the bleeding edge, but it's typical that when you release on Android, if your iOS release isn't already almost ready, it better be soon.

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Well, it's two revs behind already (being an iPhone 5 in a different casing; superseded by the 5S and the 6/6+, plus whatever comes out this year) and only comes in 8GB storage, which I think is a bit slim if you want to have apps and any reasonably sized amount of music on the thing.

If you can wait for the next iPhone bump, the "old model" (current 6) will probably drop in price as they get rid of the remaining inventory.

I recommend looking at the MacRumors Buyers' Guide before buying anything Apple. Their Which iPhone to Buy? page is also likely to be helpful.

If you're going for cheap and/or physically small (especially if you have to buy now rather than waiting a month), I'd still aim for the 5s just to get a bit more oomph and future-proofing.

Harumph, yeah. The performance difference between the 5C and the 5S is sufficient that it seems like it would actually matter a couple years from now, at which point I'll hopefully still be using the phone; the "A new phone is coming soon, you may want to wait" seems compelling as well.

I am amazed that Apple can still charge $450 for a phone that is approaching being two years out of date.

I moved from a Nexus 5 to an iPhone 5C (32G) and I'm mostly happy with it. Though I did get it explicitly to hold me over until the 6S is launched at which point I'll be picking up the Plus size.

If you're looking for a permanent phone and not just a hold over 'till the next iPhone then I would go with either the 5S if you want small size (way better camera, 64-bit over the 5C) or the 6.

I was never very happy with my 5; navigation in particular was always a bit buggy, and the overall performance was meh. (Even after having my brother-in-law, who works for Apple, go through it looking for obvious problem settings.)

The C seems so aesthetically lacking. That's my biggest problem with it.

I do love my 6. (6s just seemed too big for my hand, but I have stubby fingers.) And yeah, I'd wait for the new release, since that's happening soon, for a price drop on the 6.

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