Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

I've never really decided what my YouTube channel is.

Is it a place where I just post random videos as I create them?

Is it a place where I actually want to have a theme; a progression; a series of well-organized diversions designed to enlighten and delight my viewers?

Is it something else: a platform for personal self-expression that I should take advantage of?

In every other aspect of my creative life, I've typically had a vision for what a particular platform is, and isn't.

Flickr is a photo and memory archival tool for someone with terrible memory of faces and places. It's not artistic; the albums aren't well-curated masterpieces: It's a collection of views into my life which are designed primarily to be meaningful to me, and not to be artistic perfection. There may be some art; some effort; but mostly it's designed to be something akin to total recall.

LiveJournal is the thoughts inside my head; my personal therapist back when I couldn't afford one (less effective, now that it's essentially abandoned in many ways, but still); a window into the social lives of those around me.

My blog is more technical; details of my hacks and technical creations; opinions on social and political matters related to all things technical; my history of Open Source, and my history of interaction in the public sphere.

Facebook is more brief. It's for connecting to others, not for my own personal enjoyment (as such). On Facebook, I'm a consumer, not a creator.

But my YouTube account... well, I don't know what the hell it is.

Among things my YouTube channel includes:

Other things that I have uploaded include 3d printing construction time lapses, demos of scala "AI" robots that I did as a demo project, a demo of HaitiCrisisMap, and a random video of our front yard on Allston St. showing how overgrown it is.

... maybe I've answered my own question. Attempting to turn my current channel into something that is anything other than "Whatever video I feel like putting up at the moment" would be dishonest to myself and everyone who has watched videos on my channel. I've been uploading whatever random crap I feel like for the past 8 years. I should keep doing that. And if I come to the conclusion (someday) that I'm seriously committed to building a YouTube channel, I should come up with a plan for doing so that includes the ability to continue to upload whatever the heck I want, whenever the heck I want.

Thanks, free therapy box! You've solved my problem!

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