Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

holy crap vidcon

Vidcon was incredible.

I've never been to a real convention before. Sure, I've been to FOSS4G, which is a pretty big conference, by some standards. But it pales in comparison to Vidcon.

Giant ballrooms of people. A giant exhibition floor. A main stage with thousands of seats. Fans, creators, celebrities. The event was just overwhelming.

I got to shake Freddie Wong's hand. Video Game High School was my second scripted webseries; and the first one I watched on YouTube. (The Guild was the first.)

I got to take a selfie with Anna Akana. I've never taken a selfie before. (I joked with the kids behind me in line to meet her that I would have to have them teach me how to put my phone into selfie mode.) My hands were shaking so much that all I got was a terrible, blurry shot (here). So I guess that I had an authentic selfie experience.

I got to hang out a couple times with Tom, from Player Piano (which is my favorite YouTube channel. Also their recent super mario medley is awesome).

I also had a lot of feedback from creators. I'm still trying to write down my notes. Going to Mountain View for a week afterwards isn't helping; I've filed dozens of minor bugs and feature requests from my time in Mountain View, and haven't even gotten the chance to write up anything about my vidcon experiences yet.

I also have some video to edit! though probably nothing really great.

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