Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Drone Update

Of the 5 drones I recently obtained:

- One is flying, and filming. I seriously underestimated how nice the whole "direct integration of telemetry, gimbal control, FPV, and configuration into an app on your phone" of the P2 Vision is.
- One flew briefly, and then had a connector come loose. (This is the Xugong-8.) The problem was probably that I tried to fold the arms while the connectors were connected, and ended up pulling it out; I'll need to take apart the ESC and re-solder the bullet connector. Not the end of the world, but kind of a pain.
- Phantom One starts up, and connects to the remote, but I couldn't get the motors to arm. I'll have to debug whether this is an issue with the receiver (trim, maybe) or something wrong in the FC.
- AD1 starts up; I got concerned by the gimbal doing crazy things, but apparently this is normal when there isn't a camera in it. So that one is on hold for now.
- I looked at the F550 frame a bit, but didn't bother to do anything else with it yet. Just trying to figure out how it's wired up.

In addition, I went ahead and followed the debugging instructions for my Discovery Pro gimbal issue; I got far enough to confirm that there's nothing in the debugging steps that I can actually get help from. The support people for Team Blacksheep are helping give me more things to test in this regard. But they mean that I need a micrometer. Which I only have at work.

Ah well. Bedtime now.

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