Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

day at the beach (day 6)

Today, we went to Hampton Beach. We got cheap beach food, saw the big sand sculptures, and hung out on the beach. Then I pulled out my quads and flew them -- talking to the random crowds that congregated in doing so -- bought frydoe, and went to playland arcade, where I was reminded again why you should never play the pinball machines at a beach arcade.

We drove home, Alicia went over to her boyfriend's house, and Julie and Jess and I went to Summer Shack for dinner. We then came home, and I fell asleep until Alicia was late getting home, at which point I was woken up by her phone call that she was going to be late, and now I'm still awake, wishing I wasn't.

Day 1 of vacation completed without doing any work. Yay.

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