Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

100 days of LJ: Day 2

My day did not get better.

Ordered Chinese food at 7:23pm. I know this was a little late, but because of life, this is how it worked. Usually, Chinese takes about 45 minutes to get here, but my preferred place fell off the foodler list, so I ordered from the similarly named place with the same menu (Hong Kong Cafe 2, instead of Hong Kong Cafe). Estimated delivery time 8:30... okay, that's kind of late (I was feeding the kids, who generally start bedtime routines around 9pm), but doable.

8:45, nothing. Call the restaurant. "Oh, sorry, did you order food? I have no record of it, but I'm sure the driver is on his way."

9:15, nothing. Call the restaurant. "Can you find out when the driver will be here?" "No, what would I do? If I call him, and tell you when he'll be there, the food won't be there any faster." No, but I'd know whether I should be ordering other food, you jerk. Bicker back and forth for 5-10 minutes, at the end of which he basically tells me to call Foodler if I want a refund, and hangs up on me.

The food did eventually arrive at 10pm. Complaint email to Foodler asking for a refund got me a $10 foodlerbucks credit, since the food was still coming at the time. (I'm going to send them an email saying "No, I asked for a refund, not $10 credit; I had to get an alternative dinner, you jerks.")

Anyway, at the end of an emotionally draining day, not getting anything to eat until 10pm sucked.

Also, our front door latch is now sufficiently broken to no longer be functional. Looking at a random YouTube video, it seems like maybe I can fix this by taking it apart and cleaning it out, but at the moment, it's basically impossible to get out our front door without serious brute force.

Dear life: this isn't what I meant.

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