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100 Days of LJ: Day 1
Life is hard. In fact, I would say that today is probably the hardest day I've had in a long time, mentally speaking. I had to take Jess to the hospital overnight, which sucked; then I had to cope with a somewhat emergency due to overpopularity of one of the services we offered at work, then I had to cope with an emotionally difficult and draining conversation with Alicia.

If I could have life take a break for a little while, that would be great.

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And here I thought my coworker announcing he was leaving today was a shit day. Perspective, I suppose. I hope Jess is doing okay.

I mean, all in all, I've still got it pretty good. I've got a job I love; my family is in reasonably good mental health -- Jess is suffering some pain, but the hospital didn't find anything wrong in particular -- we found the issue that I was looking at at work before the live event that triggered it even ended, etc.

Yesterday was just really long and exhausting. and had a lot of crappy parts.

No Fun. Hugs to Jess and all of you as required/desired.

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