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Parallel Computing Course
I find it a bit amusing that I'm enjoying taking a course on Heterogenous Parallel Computing online... from UIUC. 10 years ago, I couldn't spend the time of day to even show up to my classes when I didn't have anything else I was supposed to be doing. Now I'm working a full time job, doing work on a data sharing website for fish tracking on the side, (poorly) managing a household and a family... and I still choose to take an online course in CS from my alma mater.

(I am quite happy that my ability to take notes has gone up significantly in the past decade. 10 years ago, I couldn't take decent notes to save my life -- now I have pages full of them, and looking over them, I generally find them useful. (How useful they are varies somewhat depending on the presentation; sometimes the professor's lectures are a bit disorganized, but it's been decent so far.)

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Motivation is a funny thing - when there's a choice to do something, it becomes more fun than if it's a requirement...

Weirder still is that we have switched roles, in that I actually GO to UIUC rather than see you write about it. (Given that I remember when you were going to UIUC, does this mean I've known you for a decade? O_O)

Yep. I left UIUC in the summer of 2004, but I'm pretty sure that we met through Harry Potter related stuff shortly after I joined LiveJournal (through METMA, I assume?), which would have been in July of 2002.

(Specifically, I'm taking https://www.coursera.org/course/hetero , which is a 1-quarter condensed version of http://courses.engr.illinois.edu/ece408/index.html)

Condensed ECE courses would kill many dead! I took ECE 480, which was surprisingly (?) doable given my complete lack of engineering background other than digital signals processing (basically ECE310, except called ECE498 for grads).

I guess "condensed" is the wrong word. I think it's 'shortened'; it's half the material, not the same material in half the time.

I find that it's going a bit slowly for me; there are some things that are covered in way too much depth, given that C/C++ knowledge was given as a prerequisite. I'm looking forward to how the next couple weeks go.

I appreciate the Internet in a different way now too. And learning experiences are definitely different.

Thanks for visiting New Hampshire.

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