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Why LJ Changed (for me)
I posted a comment on a Dreamwidth entry where I mentioned a bit of Why I think use of LJ has changed. (In reality, it's not specific to LJ: I think it applies more to every social interaction that we have.) In short:

"I know that for me personally, the thing is that I value my privacy more now than I did a decade ago. I'm wantonly open with most of my life -- but I've become mature enough and sure enough in my thoughts that I no longer want to open every thought I have up to another 150 people to tell me what's wrong with it or second guess me; I no longer want to engage in the active debate about what I'm doing with my life."

(Note that I don't think that all people used LJ in the same way I did, so don't take this as an indictment if you still use LJ :) It's just an observation that the tone of conversation that I took here changed as I got older.)

In the past, my blog was tech stuff; my journal was personal/private stuff. These days, I don't share the personal/private stuff publicly.

I still read LiveJournal -- other people use it to share some details of what they're doing, regular updates on life, etc., and I still enjoy the things I read here. But these days, I don't really know what I'd post. I could post life updates, but I'm really not sure how much people care (or even if people still bother to read this); in the past, I cared about archiving things for historical reasons in this journal, but I've changed that approach because:

1. Who the hell is ever going to read it?
2. I document a lot more via pictures these days instead.

So I guess, the question is, dear readers: Is there a part of my life you wish you could keep more up to date with? Given my LJ's status as a log of my life for the past decade -- what status do you wish you could know more about? (More likely: people are just happy with the status quo.)

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In the end, for me anyway, it boils down to whatever the person wants to write about. And if there's an audience, great, if there isn't, oh well. Write for yourself if you want to document anything, or use the journal as a PSA service if that's your bag. But if nothing's popping in to your head and you go "OH! MUST JOURNAL THAT!" then don't worry about it.

So yeah, a vote for the status quo. Just keep swimmin'~

I still love LJ for the same reasons I always did. The sense of community and friendship that can be formed/maintained through the simple day-to-day updates about our lives and our feelings about them. My writing habits/style have changed and grown as I have over 10 years here, but my appreciation for personal blogging remains the same.

I think I got culled from your list at some point, but whatever you're interested in sharing, I'm interested in reading.

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