Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt


So, another month has gone by.

On Wednesday, Jessica had two root canals. She's still in pain. It kinda sucks.

Alicia is actively interviewing for and deciding on schools for next year. It's exciting, to some extent, though it turns into a lot of fights between Alicia and Jess. I think they are starting to come to the point where they can agree on at least some things though, which is nice.

I'm currently working on a couple projects -- one contracting, one 'for free' -- that I'm not putting in nearly enough time on. Every time I take a couple weeks off of having two jobs, I realize that I really have to work two jobs to keep food on the table. It really makes me wish that I didn't live in an apartment I can't afford.

I've started playing a bit with foursquare. Before I can progress further, I need to get to the point where I have it on a device that can access a cell network. The idea of having a 'competition' around travel seems like the kind of silly thing that might actually encourage me to get out more. Maybe.

There's a couple big things happening around Camberville to day -- HONK! in Somerville leading directly into Octoberfest in Harvard Square. I won't go to either of them, because I'm too nervous about how far behind I am on things -- even though I know full well that sitting here, I'm likely to do stuff like play Lego Star Wars, and not make much more progress on the things I should be working on.

Right now, I'm feeling stressed and nervous. Mostly about money, to be honest. Which would be better if I had gotten in my expense report for Barcelona on time, but of course I didn't. And apparently I can't fill out the expense report over the VPN, so I can't even do that this weekend, it'll have to wait until I get into the office. In reality, when I actually think about it, I think 90% of my stress is just based on money. If I had a buffer in the bank of 1.5 month's rent or so, I think today would be a relatively good day. Since I don't, I just can't do anything other than sit here and stress.

What a pain.

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