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who needs sleep?
Sigh, went to bed at 9:30, woke up at 1. Still awake. Apparently going to bed before 11 or so just doesn't work.

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Story of my life, unless I take 50 mg trazodone.

Which I haven't tonight, 'cause I'm pulling an all-nighter at work. (It's just after 4 am here.)

Hah. My body laughs at trazadone and all the TCAs, hell, it laughs at chloral hydrate. Valley of the Dolls indeed.

I think crschmidt's problem is much more that he's stressed and running on fumes, and doesn't really fall fully unconscious ever. I want him to go for a sleep study — he snores very loudly despite being very thin, and wakes up way too easily. acerbic and I have both commented that it's very creepy that he sleeps with his eyes at least somewhat open at all times, as well. This leads me to think that he's just plain not getting enough sleep, and while that was okay when he was 19, at 26, it's beginning to show.

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