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long. ass. week.

I had a long week this week. When I finally got to the end of it:

1. Catching up on my friends list required me to go back a page. This hasn't happened in months or longer; Google Reader and my Friends page pretty much always the first two things I open when I open my browser. This means that I hadn't really had time to do the things I do most often for 3 days.

2. My Google reader was equally old, holding approximately 10 times the number of things it usually does when I get around to reading it.

On the other hand, the results of this week were that:

* I installed, and started using, every pirate's favorite statistical package (R).
* I put together a highly informative, 45 minute Powerpoint presentation (integrating content from our entire team at work)
* I was able to successfully answer questions from Boss's Boss's Boss during the presentation.

Overall, everything worked out well, but I have worked my ass off for the past 3 days, and I am Damn Tired.

Of course, now I have to spend the weekend on other things that will tire me out more. But at least I should be able to stop to use the computer for enjoyment at some point in the 18 hour days.
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