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Sleep eludes me
I hate the fact that if I fall asleep earlier in the evening -- any time before midnight, really -- and wake up subsequently, I can't get back to sleep, regardless of how short that period of sleep is.

Tonight, I came home from work tired. I passed out from ~6 to ~9 -- 3ish hours -- and woke up.

Since then, I have spent hours reading, lying in bed staring at the wall, and otherwise doing essentially nothing, but no feeling of sleepiness or tiredness seems to exist.

It doesn't matter if I'm in a warm room, cool room, or other. It doesn't matter what I'm doing. Once I've slept 2-3 hours, my body is done -- until about 8am, when I'd actually want to, you know, start my day.

The same thing happened on our recent trip to upstate NY; we got started late, and were driving late, so I drove from 6pm - 11pm, then took a two hour nap. Took back over driving at 1am, got there at 2am... and didn't fall back asleep until 8:30AM.

Clearly, I'm fucking up my body clock by taking naps/sleeping at odd hours, but ... what can I do to fix it? When I'm in a state where I'm wide awake and don't want to be, what can I do to encourage sleep?

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Inducing a particular trance state through meditation works for me, but I realize that's not for everyone. The reason it works for me is that I need to get my mind to stop racing; that's what's keeping me awake.

But in your case, I think greater discipline in not napping at problem times is likely the easiest solution.

I must say that in Chris' case, it's not helped by his geek hours, which involve, of course, staying up until 4 a.m. coding whenever possible. Since he goes perpetually short of sleep, it's very tempting to let him sleep, and God knows you're in for it if you wake him.

Chris, if I were you, I'd try a light dose of melatonin and see how that works. Not the 10 mg I have to take, but many people do all right on 1-3 mg.

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