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MetaCarta Acquired by Nokia
As of today, MetaCarta has been acquired by Nokia, and I am now an employee of Nokia working on local search in the Ovi services.


(Now you know why I had a Nokia pen. :))

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Why hasn't anyone said anything? I suspect it's because they figured it out with all the mad Twittering and what not.

(Deleted comment)
Heh. One of the first things I did when it was announced was to set up my twitter client to show me a search for MetaCarta -- and the echo chamber has been in full force all weekend, hundreds and hundreds of posts. It's kind of amusing, given that there were only 3 sentences in the press release.

"Finland, Finland, Finland!
The country where I quite want to be!
Your mountains so lofty!
Your treetops so tall!
Finland, Finland, Finland!
Finland has it all."

i've been seeing this all weekend

But, then, I cover Nokia from an enterprise services perspective... Congratulations and mazel tov!


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