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One foot in the hole, one foot in deeper
Christmas is done. We opened the presents from my parents yesterday, so that they could see them; everyone reasonably happy with what they got. (Both girls got Snuggies, which I have already started stealing; although the 'blanket with sleeves' idea is a bit silly, it's definitely useful for things like reading, etc.)

I'm going to have people over for New Years Eve, I think. Rather, I'm going to have food and booze and some games on New Years Eve, and am hoping people will arrive, since I have no particular blackmail to hold over anyone's head. I sent out facebooky invites to people who I thought would be interested. If you want one, and didn't get one, let me know. My guess is that there will not be many people here. (I have an invite to at least one other party, but I know that leaving the house on NYE just never seems to work out.)

It's a grey, grey day outside. My parents are still around, but I'm short of things to do with them; I'm not used to having visiting family around. We're doing dinner tonight, but I don't know what else makes sense to do on an icky day, especially an icky Sunday. Suggestions welcome, though I don't know that many people will be reading this soon enough to matter. :)

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Our family gets together regularly and plays board games. Good for bonding, and have some fun to boot! (Board games, card games, video games, etc.) Have you tried that avenue? Pending ... you and your family can enjoy that sort of thing ...

I considered it, it just doesn't ... seem like my parents, I guess? (There's also the fact that our board game collection is relatively minimal; in fact, I'd say that the two games that Julie got for her birthday are a majority of the collection ;))

One thing my parents mentioned was going out and spending the money that the girls got for Christmas; that's probably a reasonable thing to do. It just seems... dull. I feel like I should be more entertaining somehow.

I'm trying to see if they're up for breakfast with just me this morning; that would give the rest of my sleepyhead family a chance to sleep in, and there is a good breakfast place here. I just don't know what i do for the next two days after today at that point :)

Shopping is always nice. And perhaps while you're out you may run across something that will entertain your family. A new movie, or if they are up for some type of game - a deck of cards or a new board game to add to the collection.

My family was always big on cards, but never so much on board games... but we did find one that everyone is addicted to. Scattergories. It's easy to learn how to play, and you can make it as clean or as daring as you wish. Plus, you can play with a variety of ages.

Outside of some type of game or video, I'm at a loss. I'm not much on shopping - and can't fathom doing a lot of it myself.

At least you are being thoughtful enough to care that your family is having a good time while visiting. ^.^

Take them for a long slog round the Freedom Trail. Even if the attractions aren't open, it'll give them a better appreciation of history and tire them out.


They've already done it (and dragged me on it) a couple times; if it were not pouring out, I'd probably do it again, but it's simply not worth it to me to do it in cold, wet, rain. (I know, I know. I'm a spoilsport, and have no sense of independent spirit.)

The aquarium is open. Or you could take them to see a film.

if they've never seen/been to an IKEA before that's a good way to kill a few hours of parental time.

(We don't have one in Buffalo so it was a very good way to amuse my parents)

The Museum of Science should also be amusing for everyone.

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