Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

One foot in the hole, one foot in deeper

Christmas is done. We opened the presents from my parents yesterday, so that they could see them; everyone reasonably happy with what they got. (Both girls got Snuggies, which I have already started stealing; although the 'blanket with sleeves' idea is a bit silly, it's definitely useful for things like reading, etc.)

I'm going to have people over for New Years Eve, I think. Rather, I'm going to have food and booze and some games on New Years Eve, and am hoping people will arrive, since I have no particular blackmail to hold over anyone's head. I sent out facebooky invites to people who I thought would be interested. If you want one, and didn't get one, let me know. My guess is that there will not be many people here. (I have an invite to at least one other party, but I know that leaving the house on NYE just never seems to work out.)

It's a grey, grey day outside. My parents are still around, but I'm short of things to do with them; I'm not used to having visiting family around. We're doing dinner tonight, but I don't know what else makes sense to do on an icky day, especially an icky Sunday. Suggestions welcome, though I don't know that many people will be reading this soon enough to matter. :)

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