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Recently added to the list of "mistakes I will probably never make again":

Putting gasoline in a diesel car.

(Yes, I really am an idiot sometimes.)

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Not as bad as putting diesel in a gasoline car, I'm told.
You presumably only need to pump maybe 95% of the gas out, fill up with diesel
and mix well; the other way round will probably confuse the engine
management computer and knacker the cat unless you get every last drop out.

We took it to a garage in town (which doesn't normally do diesels) and he basically said "Oh yeah, I'm going to have to take the gas tank out to get the gas out from around the baffles, etc. Say, $250 or so." (From experience, $250 at Good News often turns into $350 or $400.)

So I said "Okay, don't do anything. Push it out on the street, and I'll take it to our diesel guy, who says that you shouldn't need to do that, and even if you did, it shouldn't cost that much." So now it's going to get towed to our normal guy, and he'll probably do exactly that; you don't even really have to jack it up to get to the gas tank, since there's access under the rear seat that you can suction/siphon from.

So now it's 36 hours later, the car isn't even at the garage it needs to be at, and we probably won't be able to get it until at least tomorrow.

All this adds up to "yeah, won't be screwing that pooch again."

Not as bad as putting diesel in a gasoline car, I'm told.

So I've heard, too.

Some even deliberately put (a small amount) petrol in their diesel; I think this used to be more necessary in winter, to stop paraffin from flaking out or something, but I think they handle that at the pump nowadays by reformulating diesel slightly in winter. Or something.

They certainly do something to normal petrol. Back in the days when I was doing 20,000 miles a year I used to record the mileage and amount of fuel at each fill-up, to get a long-term average mpg. It was noticeable that over a week around October and March that it would get worse in winter and better in summer. This was before I had to use heaters and headlights as well, so that wouldn't affect the figures.


I did that once with a lawn mower. I put gas/oil mixture from my neighbors lawn mower into my gas only lawn mower. The John Deere mower never had a chance.

So I guess there is something that "stops a Deere"?

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