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Augh, the Blog Echo Chamber is so annoying. "Here's a slightly interesting demo put together in 20 minutes by Some Guy... let's repost it ACROSS THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY!"

(Similarly, Retweets of Retweets of Retweets of Retweets are annoying. Just don't.)

No, those 10 lines of code are really *not* that interesting. Look! A Map! Oh hooray, who gives a crap.

Also, I want a copy of the internet in my server room so that I can do cool things with it. Someone work on that for me, would you?

On a more life-related note, Kristan sort of moved in this weekend, and Mick is visiting for a week before heading off to start his PhD in Chicago. So our house is slightly more crowded than usual.

I recently passed my second anniversary with Jess. It sadly passed quite uneventfully; lack of $$ ruled out grand gestures, and lack of energy ruled out more vigorous searching for things to do on the cheap.

WTB One Money Tree, Cheap.

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Happy anniversary!

I was talking with an entrepreneur yesterday who's got basically an army of Twitterbots. They go around crawling RSS feeds and retweeting links, then looking for other feeds to crawl in the responses. They'll even thank other Twitter users (outside the botnet) for retweeting those links, kinda building community. Apparently he's built up quite a few followers over a large number of accounts. Make me wonder how many of those retweeters you're seeing are even real.

http://danbri.org/words/2009/06/16/415 is the kind of 'echo chamber' effect I'm talking about, though on a smaller scale; still, for some techy things, it's not uncommon for me to see it from 5 different people all retweeting the same thing, which just gets a bit dull in the end.

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