Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

I lied, there is one other thing on my mind. This morning, on my way to dropping off the kids, I heard that the UN is planning to 'punish' North Korea for their recent nuclear tests and so on. On hearing this, all I could really think of was the Onion video: "Ambassador Stages Coup at UN, Issues List of Non-Binding Resolutions".

There's always the chance that Mtambi might abandon his post... if he finds a more powerful position like being the mayor of a small town, or being the coach of a little league team.

Looking at the actual state of affairs, this doesn't seem too far from the truth:
Now, council members are preparing to draw up yet another resolution, but divisions in the council could prevent swift action. ... As the US, China, Russia have equal veto power in the council, agreement on the details of a resolution, such as whether or not to include more sanctions, could take some time.

What is the UN good for again? I've lost track...

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