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Dear Allergies...
Please FOAD.

Something that made me laugh this morning:

From Wikipedia, through pne:

There once was an X from place B,
That satisfied predicate P,
    He or she did thing A,
    In an adjective way,
Resulting in circumstance C.

What made you laugh this morning? Or cry? Or simply smile?

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This made me laugh today! And old episodes of Deadliest Catch.

Oh! Your hair also made me smile! It is the most awesome shade of purple imaginable. Just so you know :)

Well thank you! :) It's actually a bit more pink today than it was in the picture, but I'll fix that up tomorrow morning and be proper-like again.

I seem to be beating my allergies so far this year. Almost zero medication, just a couple of Claritin when we really stirred up the dust, and no inhaler use since this time last year.

Of course, we spent most of that time somewhere else, and August is when it really gets me (crop-harvesting dust).


Priceless. I laughed.

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