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Kids are cute.
So, Julie is hanging around, and Jess mentions that Google "Fixed itself" from its "The whole internet is malware" problem. Julie asks what was wrong, and Jess explains that Google thought that the whole internet was broken.

Julie's response is "Oh, I see, Google got confused. Silly Google. It's just like me!" After a moment, she clarified "Except, I'm not a search engine."

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One of my college friends went into HCI, and he had this idea for the ultimate web search interface. You take a kid, and put him in a box, and give him a computer. Then all the old people who are uncomfortable with computers can talk to the kid, and the kid can talk to the computer and do all the searching. There're lots of kids in China or India that would love to have a computer and maybe get paid a bit for looking things up on the Internet, so everyone's happy.


So Julie could be a search engine. If she wanted.

That's adorable. I miss that kid :(

Well, you'll get to come back and hang around her a lot soon! And Ali's getting to be pretty fun — dry and pithy.

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