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comfy seat
We've rearranged our living room temporarily as a side effect of finishing painting it, and I'm really liking the end result that I have for seating right now. I have a really cushy spot on the futon, with a nice visibility out of both windows, and I'm right now all curled up with blankets and pillows.

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and I'd love to just sit here and never move again.

Edit: Augh! Unexpected solar reflection in my eyes! heeeellllp!

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If it's just a reflection, polarized sunglasses should help...

Hi from elinks. I'm now switching to serbian cyrillic keyboard layout: zdravo.

here is macedonian cyrillic: nots, luche, shto.

here is hungarian: eloette, o"t, arviz,

here is serbian on a hungarian keyboard: sd/ccz

I'm switching to vim now and retyping this:

Hi from vim. Serbian cyrillic: здраво

macedonian cyrillic: ноќ, луче, што

hungarian: elötte, őt, árvíz

here is serbian on hungarian keyboard: šđćčž

but at least we don't get "неко те има ноћаÑ" (copy pasted in iceweasel from entry that was automatically crossposted from DreamWidth)

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